How to Knurl Small & Lengthy Parts

Posted by D.P. on 18th Sep 2019

Knurl Forming is the process of creating a knurl pattern on a metal work piece. Most knurl forming operations are done with a bump style knurling tool. However, there is a different method used for lengthy parts with a small diameter.

If a lengthy part with a small diameter is being knurled, a bump style or even a straddle style knurling tool will push and deflect the work piece during the operation. This causes great difficulty in creating the desired knurl pattern.

The best solution to this problem is a 3 - Wheel Knurling Tool. The “3-Wheel Knurling Tool” is designed to solve this specific operation by centering and supporting the working piece during the knurling process, creating a simple procedure. This will produce the best knurling pattern, straight or diamond style.

Interesting Fact: The “3-Wheel Knurling Tool” can knurl both small and large diameters to infinite lengths at High SFM!